Welcome to Dew Upon The Arbor! I am so glad you have invited me into your day!

A wife, grandmother, and retired nurse, you can find me writing on “the small screen” (my phone) whenever something intriguing pops into my head; my friend calls my style “popcorn writing.” It is always interesting to see where the words will lead, for my creative experience has always been that way . . . an adventure. As I write about ordinary things, hidden gems seem to appear that teach lessons, or help me reflect through a problem. It is a dynamic experience, for as a praying woman I am open to listening to and seeking understanding from a good God who is growing me up. Some of my musings are of a spiritual nature, some are reflective of the conundrums of life, some are downright silly, some are lessons I have learned from animals that have crossed my path, and others are children’s stories that I have written for our grands. At times the words are poetry; other times prose. All are just me as I try to figure out how to live authentically. I believe I am becoming more real, for like the Skin Horse in the Velveteen Rabbit, I am well loved and getting very worn in places.

-Sherry Vycital York

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