A little about me

There seems to be a little writing in my genes. Since my young years of the locked “Dear Diary” to the flow of words that just seemed to pour forth when writing letters, words have always been special tools to find expression, capture wonder, ponder and explore. I see now in my older years that those who have gone before me also enjoyed this thing about words. There is something delicious about them, especially when they form something beautiful, encourage, bring clarity.

March 3, 1899. My paternal grandfather entered the United States, “the country of freedom” through Ellis Island, followed a few months later by my grandmother. I have his original diary, written primarily in Bohemian, the Czech language, and happily the English translation. Grandfather recorded the near-three month ocean crossing, and much poetry. A big man who died in my infancy, I see him in my brother, who looks much like him. A locksmith and sheet-metal worker, Grandpa definitely had strong hands; yet possessed a gentleness and heart for words to beautifully express them.

My mother also was a writer. Published prose and poetry reflect her keen wit and hilarious sense of humor, but also her depth of insight into the ills of the world. We were very close, and I believe she inspired me to tap into the wellspring of joy that writing brings. Writing has always been a comfortable mode of expression for me. Perhaps the solitude of quiet contemplation, the opportunity to listen as I seek answers to challenges and dilemmas that fill my day, allow me to dwell in a place of peace. Now retired from a career as a Registered Nurse, I am still a wife, a mother and grandmother. And an explorer as writing is always an adventure. In my early seventies I find that my spirit is still young, though my body occasionally objects. Yet, I am living at “high noon,” certain that there is no “over the hill” in my future, unless it is to view another amazing vista!

In 2018, at the cheering on of a small group of writing friends, I “jumped off the cliff” and published Sherry’s first attempt at writing and art. Little Bit in the Great Wide Forest was written for our grade-school grandchildren, and illustrated in watercolor. A tiny squirrel, his sister and forest friends navigate through growing relationships and conflicts. It is available through WestBow Press, Amazon and other online retailers in Kindle and soft cover.

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