Facing The Flood

As the need for acceptance 
Rises from the deep
Raging waters cascade down
Carve gorges in the steep
Exo- and endo-skeletons of my soul

When the sense of rejection meanders
Close to my watching mind
As runlets fill dried gorges
And trickle steadily down
I anticipate the flood

This time I’m more prepared though
Many floods have passed this way
Have swept away my confidence
Held identity in its sway
But I am stronger now

The strength of my Redeemer
Inside of me He walks
Shows me signs to watch for
How to navigate the rocks
And to understand the waters

I pray about what’s causing
The rise of fear in me
Face in truth the telling
Open eyes to see
What it is that’s frightening

So as I face the questions
The quandaries in my mind
I’m watchful for the currents
The paths of rising tides
To move out of their way

And with the One who saves me
Examine rifts within
Build bridges over caverns
Make secure the way again
So I can walk on

I can choose the path to follow
Rise above impending floods
Find the way through any waters
Walk on with Hope above
Any presenting situation

When past the dangerous places
Breathe again the calmer air
With praise and much thanksgiving
To the One who led me there
Who gives me safe passage

And with joy again infilling
I treasure time we spent
Assessing, fixing, building
Repairing what was rent
Shoring up and healing my brokenness within

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