The Thistle War

There they stood standing proud
Mocking me? I wondered loud
Somehow dodging spray for weeds
In yesterday’s one hundred heat
The thistles in the corner

How could I miss a plant so tall
Lurking near my flower wall
Hiding in the shadows dim
In plain view yet not seen
Thistles growing strong

In just a speck of time it seems
They’d sprouted shooting prickly leaves
Into my haven’s bliss
How ever did I miss
Those stealthy gnarly stems

Attending other things today
Reluctantly I drove away
When in my mind I heard a yowl
Get outside and pull them now
Thistles there are still at bay!

I’m coming for you, thistles, hear
Your demise is very near
I shall remember where you are
The lovely spaces that you mar
Yes, I will pull you out!

On my return, still dressed to nines
Car to garage, my feet did find
The path to open cabinet door
Where garden gloves were aptly stored
NOW thistles I would rout!

As convict’s farewell meal eaten
Sprinkler’s mercy drink was given
While I was away
Adieu to you! I did shout
Yanking thistles that were stout
At last I’d won the war . . . for today

6 thoughts on “The Thistle War

  1. I think it’s really neat, the way your prose is so complete
    It’s fun, it’s fresh, it makes me whistle …
    Come over soon..I’ve too, have thistle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Imagine us returning home from a trip excited to start landscaping our new arbor flower bed, only to find it gloriously filled with 4-5’ tall thistles. Yup- they started the war! Ha!💞


  2. Rick, though your offer sounds like fun
    In this heat I’m all undone
    Let’s wait til cooling breeze comes through
    Then we’ll give those weeds their due!
    Thanks for your whistling thistles poem! 💞🥰


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