Only A Room Away

When my Aunt Ruth died many years ago, I remember sending my uncle an article about our departed loved ones being only a room away. I’m not sure the words were much comfort to him in his deep grief. How could they be when one’s soul has been torn from it’s other half, left rent with pain known only to that soul? Still, over time, and as the pain receded some, perhaps the concept of loved ones dwelling ever close would be of comfort. I’m sure the timing of my missive was way off; I only can hope he heard my love and concern for him from afar.

Over the years I have rested in the truth that Love, in Whom we dwell, indeed is closer than our very breath. And that in Love, so too, dwell our departed loved ones. Only departed in the flesh, for the spirit that never dies still lives. It’s comforting to think that that “great cloud of witnesses” is not a trillion light years away, but very near.

I enjoy the thought of being able to walk into the next room to visit with my family and friends. Like walking into my office, and gazing at pictures of their beloved faces, treasuring memories with them. As I sit with Jesus, pouring out my heart, or silently listening and learning truths to grow me up, I wonder, “LORD, will you take my love and thoughts to Dad, Mom, my family, my friends? Or perhaps as I walk through those memories are my loved ones here in spirit with me somehow?”

I know not much of the deep spiritual things of the interfacing of this dimension with the next. Or how it was that at Jesus’ transfiguration those present could see Him ascend to Heaven beyond. I only know that as the LORD has allowed us a peek toward a greater existence, I can rejoice in that promise of a grand reunion some day! For in Christ I have entered into eternal life already. One day I, too, will travel to that next amazing existence to live, only just a room away. My prayer is that all whom I have known and loved in this world will join me, and those gone on before, in that everlasting beautiful place.

6 thoughts on “Only A Room Away

  1. I to wonder at times if my loved ones who have gone before me can hear when I talk to them. If they are watching and maybe even guiding me in some way.

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