The Sea Within My Eye

Injection day ‘twas once again
Six weeks gone by since the past
Macular degeneration treatment given
To keep my vision clear long last

Floaters oft come home with me
Dark purple, burgundy or blue
Color hard to tell so deep
That dance around close in my view

Sitting tall and still l look
Head held down to better see
Floaters glide to forward view
Exactly right in front of me

And in the sea inside my eye
‘Tis caviar of various size
Clumped together like clustered grapes
Conjoining, splitting, floating by

Translucent globs, purple it seems
The centers lighter, though that can change
I wish a picture I could take
To show you now that duckling shape

Sometimes the floaters hide away
Absorbed into the vitreous sea
When dramatically they entertain
Each time it is a different scene

I understand, the secret
Of “picking cotton from the air”
It’s not a gnat, a bug, or fly
It’s just a floater floating by

Thankful that this private show
Lasts not for long, true indeed
Less welcome to my tiny sea
Are the globs that jump in front of me!

4 thoughts on “The Sea Within My Eye

  1. You make it sound like you are having a fun activity, you and your eye! I hope all the critters stay in the sea and you can see!


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