Shared Dreams

It’s interesting to watch dreams I’ve dreamed play out in other’s lives. The beauty and the longing there seen fulfilled in their eyes. And I wonder to myself why did those dreams come to me? Was it so I could appreciate with others their joy to celebrate?

It’s happened now several times. At every instance my response is just the same: outrageous joy welling up til I can hardly contain the overflowing happiness for them. Perhaps my dreams are coming true as they play out in real life. And even though they’ve somehow changed and I am not in the story line, it’s grand and real nonetheless, though not just mine.

No, it matters not these dreams have become fulfilled not in me. In some ways it is more sweet, allowing a new version to be seen, one not expected, a surprise somewhat. It allows a deep connection with those who are living my dream, though they are unaware I claim their dream, too! It is a curiously fulfilling process to watch, a vicarious peek into a tiny portion of their experience, one so much like I imagined! We are connected somehow in this mysterious world of overlapping confines reeling out in real time. So far, picture perfect every time!

4 thoughts on “Shared Dreams

  1. How does the song go..”so dream a little dream for meeeeeeee!” 😍
    Sherry, let me know what lottery numbers you dream, ok! 😄


  2. Sounds like a maturity that many of us don’t have. Caring for others like Jesus wants us to, when we ourselves don’t have to be in the dream but to rejoice with others when they are


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