Worry’s Futility

Worry like an unseen wraith 
Attempts to enter in my mind
Begin its whirling round and round
To sink it’s tendrils deeper down
Into my very being

It tries to enter through my eyes
When I look at fearsome things
Through whispers, shouts into my ears
From voices all around me heard
So many filled with it

It feeds on one, then the next
Insatiable in it’s quest
To rob the peace from all our lives
Turn us from the joy of light
To wallow more in fear

Like infection coursing round
It becomes a running track
In one’s thoughts it abounds
Makes one’s soul sick and spent
It must be routed out

Let it point me though instead
To bended knee, more bended heart
To seek God’s help beyond myself
To trust in Him, not worry’s plot
I do not welcome fear

I want not worry’s company
Though grave concerns may be real
I better take them to my LORD
Where I know right answers dwell
Truly, worry never solves

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