Was evil lurking strongly there
When she inquired for a job
The craft store seemed a happy place
To work among the bits and bobs

Interviewed, then brought on back
Into the room just past the screen
For picture taking, employee needs
With ease she sat down gingerly

His talk was smooth, it made some sense
But then his words began to ring
Sounding caution up in her
Confused when pressed to bare some things

Hesitation might kill the cat
This time it just gave the fuel
To let alarm ring loud and strong
To hear Truth’s voice, “Don’t play the fool!”

And so she fled most dignified
“I think this job is not for me”
Humiliation ran along with her
Tendrils deep it clung with glee

Though years have gone yet up again
The memory of emotions tossed
The grave feelings of embarrassment
Of innocence then nearly lost

Examining that wound once more
So deeply buried judgement’s been
Not from God, but surely from
Evil screaming, “You’re condemned!”

And had she fallen in that trap
She knows now how to be unbound
In Christ alone sin’s stains are cleansed
Forgiveness, redemption finally found

In Truth’s clear light she lifts this pain
For deeper healing even still
Her soul’s not filth that she nearly fell
At last she forgives herself as well

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