A tiny seed when planted 
In ground or womb or mind
Sends tendrils forth dividing
New shapes unique unfolding
Creation’s grand design

As new things dawn their growing
From good or evil start
They reveal their beginnings
Those things of which they’re part
Influences bearing in

When birthed they are presented
Bless or curse a fallen world
To build it up or
Tear it down
Into this life they’re hurled

What is it that I’m birthing?
Bringing to this sacred home?
Adding joy and goodness?
Helping others carry on?
What am I germinating?

‘Tis a wondrous life we’re given
To walk upon the earth
To share in co-creating
With God to bring new birth
Infuse His glory in

Though efforts might be futile
Far below perfection’s style
The labor of the making
Allows the sense a while
Of transcending dusty planes

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