Quietly it slipped inside the minds of those who would bend to its tantalizing thoughts. Words of eloquence that sounded like truth, but as they were formed by man, for his purposes, they were not. Yet the masses did not know the difference, for the words sounded sweet. And as long as the words tickled their ears, wooing them towards that utopian desire of better things, they followed like sheep in search of a shepherd.

We truly are like sheep in our design. We have been created to be led and for relationship, with a deep desire to have all things well – our utopia. To live in peace, wellness, abundance, wholeness, our need for these things silently driving us forward in search for them. Why else the desire to improve self or society? To raise our children with moral values and characteristics to carry on and better our world? Do we purposefully set out to destroy, to make ill, to depress, harm, maim, injure, belittle, and suppress one another? It depends on to whom one has been listening. From whence comes one’s indoctrination. For indoctrinated we all are, by something or someone. And in our imperfect understanding we stumble forward.

To whom are we listening? To whom do we want our children indoctrinated? As their parents we are responsible for the growing of their minds. What is being put into those precious sponges? Are they being indoctrinated with truth, near-truths, blatant errors, lies? Or so much chatter from the world that neither parent nor child know what to believe?

Therein is indoctrination’s unveiling. All of us drink from a well of information each day. Foundations in this country where freedom of choice still presently exists, allow us to examine, truly ponder from where we are filling ourselves. To look objectively at people and countries to see how their citizens fair: are they thriving? are they free? are they enslaved? are they oppressed? do they have freedom of choice? is their government endeavoring to become the god of their lives, or is it serving them? is there freedom of belief, or suppression? is the information I am listening to truth or error? is the god they follow man made or the Creator of life Himself?

What flag or banner do you claim to walk under? For all of us are being led, one way or another, the weaker following the stronger, or louder. In given the freedom of who we would follow, we also are given the opportunity to consider the consequences. What will be the end result? Can I trust whom I am following, being indoctrinated by? Am I willing to sacrifice my children’s lives to this or that way of thinking when I see what the results may be, either for their good or ill? It is a heavy, weighty responsibility. And one that I must prayerfully consider.

I choose to be indoctrinated with Truth. Not man made “truth” crafted from emotion-based thinking based on fears, passions, anger, despair. But from a higher source, from the Creator Himself. His Truth does not change. He allows me to wonder, question, wrestle to comprehend. I am made free in Him and become more free as I grow in understanding. He initiated relationship with me, bending down to meet me where I am, to free me from all that hurts me, separates me from realizing His love, and keeps me soaring into whom I have been created to be. He gives me peace that passes all understanding. I can entrust my children and grandchildren to Him for I know His purpose is to give them abundant life. He does not promise my life will have no challenges in this fallen broken world; He does promise He will walk with me every step of the way, if I ask Him to. I have been walking with Him consciously since 1970, and never once has He lied, deceived, used, or harmed me. All things in my life, especially those hard things, He has worked together for my good. As I continue to wrestle with the realities of life, He is still there. And in the end eternal life is my destiny.

This is the kind of indoctrination I welcome and desire for my family and world. That we can all step out of the hurting mess of the kingdom of darkness and walk instead, now, in the healing ways of God’s Kingdom of Light. My call to y’all: we have a choice! Choose carefully whom you and your children will follow! Choose Christ who gives us life! Beware of false indoctrinations that slither in to steal, ensnare, wring freedom and joy from our lives. They are insidious and cunning. Run to the One who gave His life for us. Not to religiosity, but to the Person of God Himself. There is no greater proof of love, than Love Who died in our place. This amazing Love teaches us how to live. And how, through Him, to truly redeem a hurting world, one person at a time.

2 thoughts on “Indoctrination

  1. This, my dear Sherry is a wonderful post! I love it, quite a reminder what we have in the truth of following Jesus. Thank you, I think I needed this today.

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