In Him We Live

Contemplating how to explain to our grandchildren the reality of God, whether or not one believes in His existence, the picture that came to mind was a fish tank, bubbling away, as fish of various kinds swam freely through the water. Or a school of fish, swimming deeper in the ocean. Some were older, some younger, and, of course, differing degrees of wisdom were in each according to their experiences and what they had been taught.

“There is no such thing as water!” exclaimed one small fry in a heated discussion in his school. “It is a made-up myth, just a story to get us to do things and think a certain way. To keep us from exploring our world and figuring things out for ourselves! To take away my freedom to live my way!” As he swam away the other small fry wondered at his outburst. Water was not something easily proven to these fish who swam deep in the sea. How could they know? For they swam in it, were a part of it, breathed life’s air from it, found food in it, lived in it. In short, in it they “lived and moved and had their being.”

No wonder it was hard for a small fry to grasp the concept of water. He was so immersed in it he had no knowledge of any other existence. Then one day he met a wizened old sea turtle who had a story to tell. “Yes, there is such a thing as water. I’ve seen the light, small fry. Been to the top myself, and out onto the shore many times. It’s a different life there than down here in the water. It’s hard to describe. The air is crisp and clear, but sometimes foggy and cold or dripping with water. It is warm when the light shines bright and hot. It’s the place where I was born, digging my way up out of an eggshell in a sandy nest, and running like crazy to get into the water to swim. Oh, yes, there’s water, small fry. There’s water! We’re in it!”

Never exposed to such information, the small fry was stunned. Could it be true? That he lived in water this whole time, and never realized it? That water was actually what supported his life? That though he denied it, it was still there nourishing him, sustaining him? “Interesting,” he thought. “Maybe I need to learn about this water. Guess there’s more to consider about being a fish and what I am swimming in.”

We are so like the small fry, determined to define for ourselves the realities of our existence. For those who have come to know Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, we are told of God, and truths far beyond our mortal understanding: “For in Him we live and move and have our being” (see Acts 17: 22-31 NKJV). Oh, that the world, still lost in the darkness of the deep, could accept the truth from the One who lives beyond our existence! Even more astounding than the old sea turtle’s tale, Jesus comes from a heavenly place, and tells us it is real! He promises us “living water” (see John 7:37-39 NKJV), and eternal life beyond the life we now know. Come! Choose life! Learn what He has to say!

2 thoughts on “In Him We Live

  1. This made me smile, I could just imagine small fry talking with the old turtle! How true this is in humans I know that can’t imagine their life with the Savior. Hopefully, as I pray for them they will too want more then what they have now. I believe God isn’t finished yet!

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