Unveiling An Attitude

Where comes this stiff-necked attitude
A veil in which to shield myself Predicting voices I will hear
When ‘round certain loved ones dear?

Confusing ‘tis for all of us
How to navigate this trough
Is bitterness inside of me
The reason for my short rebuff?

LORD, help me please to understand
Why I act this toilsome way
Where in me is that rotten stuff
That needs dug out and sent away?

Is unforgivingness waiting there
Am I massaging worn out wounds
Just to sit in my content
Have not to deal with their lament?

Please grow me past what e’re it be
This act that has its way with me
Cast out my turn of being rude
Cast out my ugly attitude

4 thoughts on “Unveiling An Attitude

  1. Sherry,
    You nailed it for me!!!
    “massaging worn out wounds” with “unforgiveness”…how old emotional pain still festers with infection
    and poisonous un-intentions.
    I am grateful for your courageous sharing of deep insight
    that may be in plain sight
    for us all, but we rather not give our time and intention…yikes!

    Liked by 1 person

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