Tangled Vines

Through tangled vines the light shines forth
It matters not from where I see
The light is dancing midst the leaves
Past twists and turns, it reaches me

The vines and trees in Czechy land
Filter light as do the trees
Outside my door, or down the street
Or wherever in the shade we meet

In Germany we found the same
In New York State as well as France
The patterned shadows on the ground
Are made from bright light shining down

No matter where we choose to stand
The light proceeds and follows there
To bring us life and joy to hark
Lifts us from the world’s dark

And even in the dead of night
One only needs to open eyes
To see the light that yet does shine
The promise of a new day bright

And if that day turns into gray
The light still shines beyond the cloud
Rest in the promise of that light
It shines each day and through the night

Those tangled vines that twist and turn
Are only seeking light as well
The tangled stuff that skews one’s path
Bids us come to light to dwell

Our shadowed paths like pierced tin
Marred and fettered with our flaws
Cannot hold back the shining light
Luminary patterns burning bright

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