Run To Peace

Do some choose chaos to run and hide
Into the maddening frenzied fray
To avoid that awful nakedness
When hurts and sins before them lay?

Takes courage to walk the humble road
To be stripped bare of all pretense
Of works and glory, self-righteousness
Things we hold in our defense

Piercing deep beneath outer shell
That shields from world and wounding blame
The truth of God’s pure light and love
Reveals the frightened hidden frame

Stark we stand in brokenness
To face the ugliness inside
Admit the failures and the lies
That wreck our act, slay our pride

Honesty comes with gifted grace
Mercy outpoured from God’s own heart
For as the dross is stripped away
True beauty, purpose is displayed

And chaos loses choking hold
As peace and joy begin to reign
Where soul and spirit are redeemed
To live a life that God ordained

Take heart and courage wounded ones
God’s not the enemy of your soul
But comes to rescue, make you clean
Revive your spirit, make you whole

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