Love In-Action

“I love you, too,” she said to me. Yet I wondered. Her actions pushing me away, or so it seemed, says otherwise. Neglect at reaching out towards me, behaving in ways I think she should, do these negate love she might feel somewhere deep inside still . . . for me?

And then “three fingers pointing back” convict me quick of times I’ve failed her, and others in my life, ones I have been given to hold dear. Does my silence and comfort in my solitude say to them I do not care, because my actions do not enough show my love there?

Ach! LORD, help! I am a mess indeed, at loving well, living as You show I should. Forever will I fall short, of Love in action freely felt and acted on rightly. Infuse me, Holy Spirit, please, to prompt me when and how to be a vessel of the love You pour out to others, yet through me. In myself I am a vessel poor.

4 thoughts on “Love In-Action

  1. My dear Sherry, I have to disagree with this one because I feel you love well. I know it! But I feel the same about myself so shall we continue to pray together. love you

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  2. “Indeed, at (the) LOVING well…
    living as You show I should.”

    “In myself I am a vessel poor.”
    Still into my cracked vessel, Your healing LOVE do pour!

    My spirit shouts Amen!
    Let it be so! Let us continue to pray, each for the others…

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