What do I really hunger for, LORD, when my body seems well nourished, yet my angst to chew fills my mind. Is this a sort of “gnashing of teeth,” an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual hunger that drives me on? Am I just bored? What’s the deal? Is it just because it is time to eat, whether or not I physically need it?

Is it time for a walk or some other form of exercise, besides moving my jaw? Am I anxious? Tired of doing the same old thing and just needing to get out of the house? Marking time within myself, rather than working it out on a grander scale for the good of others?

And why is it that the mundane things of food preparation seem to be so bothersome at times? Goodness! I praise You, LORD, for food to eat! What’s with the skimping by on eating what’s easy? What is it I am really hungry for?

I think it is You, LORD. For Your peace that passes all understanding. For Your rest amidst daily events. For the contentment and tranquility in any situation life brings my way. To dwell unending in the presence of Your Spirit serenely. With dashes of humor thrown about for fun!

Thank You for helping me determine what is driving those hungry impulses. So that I might direct them and myself toward the correct destination, instead of them driving me! And for filling my every need. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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