Of Air Plants

Free from the bonds of earth and of others
Still there’s a need for an anchoring limb
Does it imagine it’s independent
Of the wide world it’s growing in?

Where does it spring from, come into being
This whispy, exotic, diaphanous thing
That proclaims with a boldness a certain uniqueness
That shouts to be heard among rooted things?

If not for the gravity that keeps us all grounded
It would undoubtably drift happily
Yet it needs water, air moisture to live by
For in itself it is not fully free

Come to the water, the water that’s living
If freedom is what your heart deeply longs
For rooted or airborne the Master Creator
Is where your true freedom will fully be found

Everyone’s life is a gift that is given
Independence a lie, do you not see
For we are all dependent on something or someone
Yes for our lives, for the air that we breathe

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