While Suffering

A friend requested prayer recently for a loved one rushed to ICU, his body seizing, breathing support needed. I could not help but feel the pain of their suffering, the patient and his family, the hurt that seems not to end. Tribulation of this world poured out again, again. “LORD, help me see the hope somewhere, keeping eyes on Your promises true. Lest the pain consume us whole. LORD, turn our eyes fully upon You.” 

Long ago a story read told of Jesus taking on those things that cause our suffering. That He is there with us in the midst of our pain, buffering the awful sin and destruction that means to do us harm. It’s hard for me to fully understand when looking at the vast landscape of worlds and worlds of suffering that seem ne’er to end. And yet, I know from my own life, the truth of Christ’s offering, to be with us throughout the depths, through all the ways of our anguish. Oh, that pain would all go away! Still, it does not.

“Oh, LORD, hear my cry! My heart is loath to take on another’s pain, when all I want is peace to reign. Oh, LORD! Be with them now! Let them know Your presence sweet! For how else can we truly rise above the hurts of this world? Resurrect us please, each hurting one. You know the angst each of us bear, in all the ways our agonies are born. LORD, I pray, meet each one there. In You alone is hope and power, to lift us up beyond, to endure, even now and here.”

2 thoughts on “While Suffering

  1. What a wonderful prayer, I am using it for me for the others that I know. Thank you for the beauty of your words and thoughts that our LORD gave you and thank you for sharing them with me. Love you

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