Dawn’s Bedtime

Golden rays fill the weary sky
The glow pouring over all like paint poured out in an unmeasured “whoosh!”
Cerulean blue the backdrop for colors burning up
Their intensity throughout the day increasing slowly
From the cool of the morning dawn
Crescendoing into evening heat

Slowly the cerulean darkens by shades
The brilliant orb of light taking leave
Bowing out that other spheres might have their turn sharing mesmerizing light

“Don’t go!” cries creation
“The magnificence of beauty is intoxicating!
Can we not dance in it awhile
Rest in its glorious vibration
Float on streams of liquid color
Be carried away to lands of our dreams?”

“But of course,” replies the sun, as though patiently addressing a child or younger sibling
“I must go for awhile, so you might sleep
Slip away to those lands of dreams
Ride comets amongst the stars
And return on the morrow that we might play again.”

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