The Toothbrush Personality Test

“Whirr” go our electric toothbrushes as we start our day, or ready ourselves to retire. A normal part of the daily flow, for some reason the differences in our toothbrushing experiences caught my attention, ushering in the whim of toothbrushes reflecting one’s personality. It’s really not that big of a stretch. After all, children’s brushes are designed to reflect a child’s preferences (as well as whose brush is whose). So why not our toothbrushes reflecting our personalities? Just a thought anyway.

I noticed recently that though both brushes are the same brand and model, they sound different. One is higher in pitch; one is lower. Sometimes to my ear they are harmonious. Other times they are a major and minor key, a bit at odds. This does not surprise me one iota, for harmonizing major and minor keys can happen when both instruments are agreeably playing the same symphony. Other times, it is not music to one’s ears when disharmony overrules. As a treatise on marriage, need I say more?

This major/minor anomaly playing through my mind for sometime, I began to notice other variances in our brushes. The two bases are exactly the same, though mine is set at “sensitive,” my husband’s set at “clean.” Numerous settings per base do not change the sound of one’s brush, however. There is a consistent base pitch. Not surprisingly mine is a higher pitch, hubby’s a lower, more masculine thrum.

While exploring that feature I noticed the stems where the actual brush head attaches, though the same on each base, are different. Hubby’s is firmly seated and steady, mine is flexible and wobbly. Contemplating our personalities, I laughed out loud. Yes, he is more firmly seated and steady, and I am more flexible (sometimes) and wobbly. How interesting is that? Toothbrush analytics, right there at our bathroom sink!

This revelation spurred on other interesting observations. We both use the same size brush head now, but previously he used a larger brush, mine the smaller. He uses mint gel, I use mint paste. His extra healthy teeth can miss a brushing occasionally before bed. My mouth demands morning brushing, then nightly brushing with Clinpro (to decrease sensitivity) preceded by proxy brushes, followed by a nightguard. Yes, he is more easy going overall; I laugh and say, “I’m really not high maintenance!”

So, all this to say, one never knows when insight and revelation will hit you right between the eyes, or in this case, right between the teeth. Sparkling clean and minty fresh we are securely ourselves for another day. And with that, we keep on brushing!

2 thoughts on “The Toothbrush Personality Test

  1. A brilliant revelation to someone willing to remain long enough til the last brush stroke!!!
    Thank you so much for your amazing perspectives!!!
    Truly Delightful Sherry!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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