Children After All

When contemplating grace that’s given 
To those who’ve many decades lived
Who growing older taste infirm
Whose hair turns gray, whose vision blurs
How interesting I am one of them
Not captured up when younger

Remember when in days of youth
We yearned to be but older still
Dreaming of the days to come
Pushing time with our will
To no avail, but yet we tried
Our efforts then when younger

Adulthood, goal accomplishment
Like walking gained, or diapers thrown
Advancing to another stage
A measure not just of one’s age
But of growing wisdom
Proof we’re more than younger

Yet in adulthood still one sees
Behavior that belies the stage
That makes one wonder if in fact
The soul has grown as much as that
The body has acquired age
Years since we were younger

Tantrums like one’s toddlerhood
Undisciplined acts that reveal
Lack of wisdom living in
Grown-up bodies, but again
Attitudes raise the question
Are we still much younger

Increasingly I understand
More readily as years go by
Why “child of God” defines the saved
By incredible riches of God’s grace
Children still we’ve stepped into
God’s glorious hereafter

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