My Will or Thine?

Am I really listening, LORD
Taking time to sit with You
Inquiring of Your thoughts for me
Lest I run on blissfully?

I can throw out prayerful words
Flung while rushing out the door
But have I listened, really heard
Words that You have spoken, LORD?

No surprise I wonder why
Prayers seem unanswered as I try
Asking You to do my bidding
Yet forget You as I am spinning

Forgive me, LORD, for my pretense
In such a way addressing You
With presumptuous arrogance
Assuming blessings I would choose

Please realign my mind with Yours
My Creator, Father, Friend
The One Who has rescued me
Designed my life, set me free

To walk with You in Your design
Fulfill Your will in me please
That I may finish earthly life
Aligned with You eternally

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