Tiny crystals began to form
From whisps of dew drops floating high
Gathered in a cloudy shape
Rising in a dawning sky

Before the sun peeked o’re the hills
The cloud rose higher joining more
Droplet crystals merging there
Glittering unique icy forms

The cloudy weight could not hold
That beauty all within itself
Released its tiny flakes to fall
Fluttering to the earthly shelf

As creatures, people slumbered on
The flakes fell fast, a powdered heap
To greet the new day with surprise
Drifts of white snow piled deep

“It’s snowing!” came the glad refrain
As morning light revealed the show
A new day brightened, clean and white
Refreshed in hope with fallen snow

4 thoughts on “Snowfall

  1. So it now 4 am, I wake, get my coffee, open my laptop and read this snowy gem you wrote..
    Then I open the blinds, and to my delight, it’s a snow day! Thanks Sherry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “It’s snowing!” I hear Mom’s happy voice with glad news… she so loved the snow! Each snowfall reminds me of her and her love.
      It was fun for me to awaken to this glad surprise this morning, too! Love you! 💞🥰☃️


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