A Circle Of Rainbows

When I was very young the goal of becoming perfect seemed the highest ideal I could imagine. From where that thought germinated I have no idea. It is only in the last several years I have more pointedly pondered the meaning of that desire, perhaps endeavoring to solve a mystery in me. In reading God’s Word it has become more clear why such thoughts would come to a child, each of us created with a deep desire to regain original wholeness. Throughout our lives there is that thing that urges us to strive for it. To have not only ourselves but all in our world be just as it should be, perfectly complete. Elsewise, why that bent to fix the broken, to reconcile, to heal, to make well, to become better, to grow? Jesus said in Matthew 5:48 (NKJV):

48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

Perfect. Something I am still learning about. It has always seemed elusive, forever out of reach. And yet, there is that thing about it that just won’t let go.

Beginning Derek Prince’s study of 2 Peter 1: 2-7, Be Perfect – But How?, I was inspired by his quote on pages 10-11: “… each of us, in our own particular allotted place can be a small, perfect circle.” A circle, perfectly round, complete without disruption of any kind. His further example of God being the greatest circle Who encompasses the whole universe brought to mind an interesting scientific fact. Rainbows, the sign of God’s promise to never destroy the earth again with a worldwide flood, are in reality… circles.

Certainly, that bow we see in the sky, partially or wholly arcing from horizon to horizon, is but a reflected reminder, a sign for us to be assured in the might of a storm, that God has not forgotten His promise. Yet it goes beyond what we can see… for the bow continues beneath the horizon of our vision.

Today I needed this reminder that the God of grace, by Whose process we are being perfected to become those whole and complete small circles, has numerous rainbows of promises that go far beyond the horizon of our vision or understanding. When storms of grief, despair, fear, remorse, or any other trial takes residence in our minds or our worlds, we can in faith look beyond our turmoil to God’s promises that forever remain intact, perfectly encircling our greater universe.

What joy in the journey to be encouraged by rainbows, a “reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light… resulting in… a multicoloured circular arc.”(Wikipedia). What a privilege that we may also reflect the light of the Father in our own circle of influence. Of course, we cannot become perfect by our own efforts, no more than water droplets can just decide to form a rainbow. It is the light reflecting through that creates the magnificence. Our wholeness and completeness is an unfolding gift given by a Perfect Father who created us, who knows His unique design for our lives better than we know ourselves.

It is a glorious thing to come upon evidences of God’s presence throughout one’s life… from the grand and obvious as we gaze on His marvelous creation, to the infinitesimally small as we look deep within. Learning to listen for His voice, accepting His gift of relationship through Jesus Christ, our small circle intersects with His. If we would but look and see, be still…He is here, with us… and there, beyond our horizon… always encircling us with His Love. We need not be perfect to come to God. His hand is extended to us to bring us into perfection and completion. Like a rainbow… though we may not see it all… His light shining through us is what makes us perfectly whole.

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