A Burden Shared

Peace through the trials
Though burdens are mourned
Worries become less
The heaviness borne

Cares of the world
Suffering there
Loved ones are hurting
Life’s hard to bear

Sharing with others
Thoughts from the heart
Uplift our spirits
Give hope a fresh start

Reminds us to drink
From that well that flows free
The Water of Life
From Heavenly streams

Most of the above words were written nearly two years ago. Contemplating the thought of burden-sharing brought them to light again today as I arrived home from a Bible Study meeting, one I had seriously contemplated not attending, so weighed down I felt this morning. “But for God”—a well loved phrase that recalls to mind evidences of His working in our lives. These “But for God” experiences are precious, clearly indicating He is way ahead of us in knowing the best ways to fill our needs.

The radio started playing… must I leave the vivid dream? Such drama, such story line! I could have remained immersed there for hours, carried away to who knows where on the interesting wisps of fantasy. But today was study day. “I have a responsibility to show up,” I argued with myself while resting in bed. With the urging of nature finally rousting me out, I reached for my phone, noting a list of messages and a missed call. Not one, but two missives of encouragement to get me beyond myself. And a third received not long later. Three distinct encouragements pointing me forward.

A phone call, a text, a seemingly random word to let me know I was indeed not forgotten, and that I needed also to remember others. That the load in my backpack could be laid down, lightened, or (imagine!) thrown out. Of course the study today was poignant, right on the mark, and the rich fellowship a number of us had afterwards an extra measure of blessing. A burden shared. Opening the door for others to lay their burdens down as well. Trusted friends who share and pray up concerns, not use them as weapons against one another.

“But for God.” Today I returned home and realized a lightness of spirit I have not experienced for a very long time. As though a diaphanous wind of change breezed through my mind and soul, clearing away inversion fog, helping me breathe clean air again. A heavy blanket falling off. Subtle yet mighty. Strong yet gentle. A tweak in my channel to erase the static, fine tune the peace. And ramp up my gratitude!

Thank You, God, for knowing me better than I know myself. For allowing raw honesty with You… and for Your provision for lifting us up beyond ourselves! Thank You for others to share this journey… bless them please, as we bear our burdens together, and give them up to You. Thank You, LORD, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Burden Shared

  1. Wow Sherry. Thanks for sharing and for letting me be a part of this day. Thanks and praise be to our Savior. So wonderful that we can take all these hurts, pain, joy, friends and peace from a Savior who loves each of us so much!

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