The Box of Chocolates

If life is a box of chocolates 
What should I do with it
Give mine away to others
Share some of the sweetened bits
Set it on the shelf for later
Nibbling a little piece at a time
Or in some frenzied orgy
Squander it all as mine

Or shall I become an appraiser
Studying each tiny piece
Determining if each is too bitter
Or overwhelmingly sweet
Bent on examining content
Presentation and form
If the centers are worth tasting
Questioning where all it’s from

Suddenly the experience of chocolate
A confection meant to delight
Has become a box of confusion
Comparison, contest, a blight
What happened to joy in the tasting
As each bite uniquely explodes
Experiences melting into us
Pieces of life, rich episodes

Oh may my box of chocolates
Be one that I share and still yet
Be able to savor the flavors
Be open to new morsels I get
Amidst the sweetness and bitter
Rather than choosing what I prefer
Take time to fully experience
Each bite as it naturally occurs

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