Wry Not?

I had I laugh, in a wry sort of way, when I read the meaning of dextroscoliosis, a word noted in an old chest X-ray report. One of those “deep meanings” I like to find, or maybe just a bit of light-heartedness in the tumble of things. Born with wryneck (really, I’m not kidding), I also inherited a form of scoliosis – “dextro” (right curving of the spine) rather than “levo” (left curving).

And so it is. I have the classic body oops of one leg longer than the other, one hip higher, one shoulder higher, but without the more serious results of organ issues from severe scoliosis. And, yes, Mother massaged that wryneck (torticlossis) away when I was an infant. Still, wryness and right curving lingers in me… now I know why. Simply, I was born with it.

I think also, simply put, there are many things about ourselves we can laugh about if we would but see the humor. Mother also massaged a great deal of her outlook for the humor in life into me, though at times I’ve had to look far and wide to find it. “Give me Mom’s sense of humor, please!” I prayed long ago. Being off-center, bent-necked, and imperfect have been a tottering load! Very wearisome, indeed. And yet, still right curving, much less stiff-necked, and much more centered, I have learned to laugh more… with joy, at myself, with the truly hilarious things that present themselves, and with delight imagining Jesus laughing in glee with me.

No matter our leanings, our stiffness, our imperfections, God is here to make us new again. To make us supple and whole, yet stalwart in truth. Sure, a perfect new body comes when we get to heaven, yet meanwhile while some are healed physically in this life, all can be healed emotionally and spiritually even now as we come to Christ, again and again, to be relieved of our hurts and pain. Why wait? Laughter and joy, minus the weight of a weary load, are a delight! Wry not?

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