Good Friday Sacrifice

People entered, all was dark
Candles flickered to light the way
Reverant yearning filled the air
As echoes rent tranquility
Steady pounding hammering

Stillness reigned in candle glow
Wonder filled each waiting soul
Longing for soon’s Easter morn
More entered in amidst forlorn
Cryptic sounds of hammering

No one spoke nor cried His name
Once jubilant shouts “Messiah! King!”
Then singers sang in darkness dim
We pound His nails with our sin
Cause the endless hammering

In solemn recount of one’s soul
Truth piercing deep again our plight
That hollow place no one can fill
With other sources, nor our might
But through the Cross, God’s grace and will

“Forgive them, Father, they know not
What they do,” Christ’s pleading prayer
Nailed cruelly, lifted high
Left to die while hanging there
Endured the gruesome hammering

See His bleeding hands, His feet
The blood and water from pierced side
His death for sins eternally
His final cry before He died
“My God, why’ve You forsaken Me?”

Does pride, or what, prevent me, Lord
To bow and give my sin to You
Stop pounding nails into Your heart
Accept Your mercy, Your scarred marks
To take away my hammering

Mankind driving nails still
Forsaking Him with selfish sin
Yet through His gift He supplies
Forgiveness poured that testifies
This greatest Love, His sacrifice

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