My Cleaning Lady Quit

I have come to the realization that my life has been one long walk of becoming honest with myself. Waiting for my writing friend to pop in for a visit one morning, I perused my office, the living room, the flower beds. Honestly, I was feeling nervous. We had decided at the last minute to meet at my house, “a fine layer of dust” part of my morning disclaimer. Not terribly comfortable at being a hostess, especially with a less than pristine house, I happily had a little time to pray about my concerns. And dust the TV stand. My cleaning lady quit last week.

One of our sons recently commented that he thought house cleaning was too highly rated. A down to earth type of fellow whose profession is landscape maintenance, he is not the least bit annoyed by a little dust here or there. Considering the fact that we are actually made from dust, isn’t it interesting the amount of time we spend trying to get rid of it?

My friend mentioned that an analysis of dust reveals a great amount is sloughed-off, dead skin cells. “Too much information!” I exclaimed as we laughed together. Yet, think of it, our bodies are always, slowly returning from whence they came, the dust of the earth.

It truly was a blessing to just relax and enjoy my friend. Yes, my cleaning lady quit last week. She is me. She still comes around once in a while, and in emergencies. Meanwhile, she is thoroughly enjoying her retirement, family and friends. And honestly, imperfection allowed, it is a blessing!

12 thoughts on “My Cleaning Lady Quit

  1. If not for my maid coming in for Bible study, you would be wading through bird feathers and grasshoppers. The cat has been busy. And my “clean” kitchen window only lasted for a day—–has bird spit (I hope) on it.

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  2. Sherry, sorry my response is late but just got home from a glorious 4 day rest over the 4th. My cleaning lady quit some time ago…about June 2020.. when the big C came to visit. we are doing very well, have beaten all odds (so far) and I realized clutter and dust are a part of my life. Also weeds in the garden, but that is another subject. Think better things in life are more important.

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