Water Flow

The bubbling stream babbled on 
Relishing the glorious day
Delighted to be waters that
Nourished life along its way

Slow down awhile the eddy called
Come relax a time with me
My waters are serene and calm
Currents that flow pleasantly

I’ll try, the bubbles sparkled back
I’ll flow awhile into your pool
Rest a little in your space
Partake of waters deep in you

Not wanting to decrease the verve
Of bubbling joy that effervesced
In a tranquil welcoming way
The quiet eddy acquiesced

Joined the two in sweet repose
Stories told of journeys won
Symbiotic rebirth shared
Richness to be carried on

The bubbling stream brought new hope
The eddy infused deep life back
To transport far downstream
To new points where waters lacked

Serene or bubbling both import
Commingled for a greater course
Slow and steady or rushing on
These waters from a greater source

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