She was petite in body with an inviting and generous spirit that radiated from her quiet demeanor. The mother of my dearest nursing school friend, Freddie was a pastor’s wife who had a penchant for small owls that trapped themselves in her fireplace, working with young children, and collaborating with her family to write and publish fabulous books. There is so much more I wish I knew about Freddie, the myriad details of her life that only those close to her know. The grace and genteel beauty I see in my friend speaks of the depth of her mother’s lovely character, beauty that comes through the refining love of years walking with the LORD.

Dear hubby and I had the joyous pleasure of visiting my dear friend and her husband, their family, and Freddie several years ago. I had a number of visits with Freddie nearly fifty years earlier when my friend and I were new graduates, and again at my friends’ wedding. Living on opposite sides of the USA prevented those weekend outings and shared times we would have liked to enjoy through the years. I still remember a group camping trip with my friends before they were married, complete with a skunk-y nighttime visitor. Fun just seemed to follow us, or we found it.

Joy in life is what I saw in Freddie. She had a lady’s gracefulness about her, and a happy sense of humor, all the while ready with an astute listening ear. She delighted in her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Observing her interact with her two grade-school-age great grandchildren, who helped illustrate and contribute to several of her books, was such fun. I could imagine the children and the family working out the storyline and illustrations with her, formatting, editing, and finally publishing. Even in just these interactions what a memory and legacy she has given her family and inspired in the children! I imagine years of her and her husband discovering where and how their lives would unfold, loving and raising their children, teaching godly values to them and to many others; of family dinners and outings; laughter and tears; trips to the beach, and to Texas to visit Freddie’s newest great grandson; quiet moments sitting together sharing heart to heart; prayers united in supplication, praise, and gratitude; her forbearance as she gracefully aged, became a widow, and endured discomforts. My friend stated she and her husband had to talk her mother into moving in with them, Freddie one day admitting she was so glad for that decision.

During our last visit Freddie gifted me with a set of her published books, as well as our very own stuffy of Ollie the Owl, originally designed by Freddie after the real Ollie who had been trapped in her fireplace. Ollie inspired numerous stories for her books, delighting our grands with his “flight” cross country to meet them and the lessons he brought. Freddie inspired me that just maybe I could publish a book for my grands, too. Her encouragement is part of my backstory of publishing Little Bit in the Great Wide Forest, ten short stories written for and read to my grands. Freddie also wrote a more personal testament of grief, sharing her hope amidst loss, comforting others with the comfort with which she had been comforted through our LORD’s love and grace.

A random pocket-dial brought my friend and me together as dear hubby and I were driving cross-country for a family Thanksgiving. A moment in time. And the sad-for-us-left-behind news that Freddie had flown to higher realms. Though she now resides in Heaven, and for that we rejoice, missing her is hard. When someone is joined to us in love their departure leaves a rift in the calm of our sea. For those departed with whom we are joined in God’s Spirit, though their earthly body is no longer of use, the spirit remains vibrantly alive. And our connection in the LORD is never lost. What joy and glories must have met Freddie as she stepped into eternity!

What can one say in a few words to capture a person’s precious life? A wonderful Mama and matriarch. A godly woman who loved her family and community well. A ninety-seven year young woman who’s daughter will carry on the family matriarchy with the same love and grace. Freddie, a dear genteel woman pouring out God’s love in her care for others. Whose kindness and love towards me still warms my heart. And whose steady forbearance, like my mother’s, is a testament of a life of faithful living and aging in true beauty by God’s amazing grace.

Check out some of Freddie’s (Laura Lee Mason) books on Amazon:

Lots of Ways to Win

For Kids from One to Ninety-Two: A Collection of Christmas Stories

Together with God: A Journey Through Grief


Psalm 116:15 NKJV “Precious in the sight of the Lord
Is the death of His saints.”

6 thoughts on “Freddie

  1. Thank you for your lovely remembrance of Mom. She loved life and was so happy to spend time with her family and friends! She enjoyed your first book and would be proud that you are continuing your gift of writing! Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, dear Linda. Your mom was such a wonderful encourager! Oh, to hear all the ways she inspired students and others in her life! She was/is such a treasure! Love to you and family! 💞🤗


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