Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli

After forty-plus years I have finally figured it out. Sit down, please! This might be the revelation of forever – or not. But it does seem to apply to my husband and me, and the vast differences in our personalities. As much as we try, he forever is a Brussel sprout, and I am a broccoli.

Brussel sprouts remind me of compact cabbages. Layers upon layers of overlapping leaves creating a concentric ball, evenly or somewhat oddly shaped. All, however, share that distinctive Brussel sprout characteristic of being strongly and firmly formed. Impenetrable almost. A stalwart vegetable overall. And for many, an acquired taste. Even when slathered with butter.

Broccoli, on the other hand, is a bit more frothy. Spaces for air to flow around and between its stalks could lend it an “airhead” label, but that isn’t quite right. Broccoli is still compact, like a thousand tiny green pin heads bursting into clusters of nosegays. Place those on sturdy stalks and you have a green bouquet for a walk down the veggie aisle.

Oh, yum!” exclaimed three of our grandchildren. “Broccoli is so good with BUTTER on it!” “Yes. Yes, it is,” I would heartily agree. “And so are Brussel sprouts,” my husband would add. This silly conversation really was going no where, except around and around for fun, the children dramatically imparting this culinary news to us. Broccoli was definitely the veggie of choice this day, by majority tastebuds. But still Brussel sprouts were worth considering.

I am continually amazed at the myriad variations of this incredible creation we find ourselves in. It matters not one’s preferences, there is something beautifully intriguing to be found in, well, everything! Slowing down some (or a lot) in my “more mature” years (what does “old” mean anyway?) has afforded these fun times of contemplation on the sense of things. Each new day is bursting with possibilities! It’s like a treasure chest at our fingertips, waiting to be opened if we could but see. What hidden surprises will you find today? Anything in those normal or unusual occurrences of your day? And where do they lead you? Hopefully into a greater, richer life towards the everlasting kind. The kind that nourishes your soul and spirit like good veggies do the body.

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