Never Too Old

Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed, and said in his heart, “Shall a child be born to a man who is one hundred years old? And shall Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child?”

Genesis 17:17 (NKJV) reveals a delightful, and unbelievable scene. Old people astonished with the thought of bearing a child! Could it be? Can it be that though their parts were withered and past their prime that a child could yet be born from them? And even more poignantly, that this child would be born from a barren womb to a couple whose longing for a child had yet to be fulfilled? They were old! How could it be? And yet, but God . . .

While building this blog site I feel much like Sarah. Though a few years from ninety I am definitely a senior citizen. And for a long while have dreamed of somehow sharing thoughts with the world. It makes me laugh with joy to think in my old age such a thing could be accomplished! And to realize what form it should take. All I know is that it is a longed for kind of baby that seems now to be becoming real. Certainly challenged in the doing, I am barren when it comes to such things. I have not built a site before, truly do not know how to navigate and manipulate through all the computer stuff to make it happen, and am mighty grateful for the tech support folks at WordPress who help me along. This has taken me to a place way beyond myself for the bearing of the fruit. And so, like a long awaited pregnancy, the journey begins.

So many times in my life, like on a precipice waiting to fly, I am stuck in my nest, have not wings, or my confidence and strength is lacking. The wind is blowing, the lift to carry me is there, whenever I am fully formed and ready. But what about my track record, past failed attempts, all the negative reasons or fearsome excuses to not believe in astounding possibilities? Do I dare think positively? Thankfully Sarah and Abraham did try, laughing even at the wonder of the possibility. And in their glee one sees a beautiful testament to belief. Trusting God to fulfill what He says will happen, even when all evidence screams otherwise. So they tried. And with the son who was born, Isaac, God made an everlasting covenant that continues beyond today. Through that lineage came our LORD Jesus, the fulfilling of the old covenant and the glorious Life of the new.

From old people! God’s plan for us is never used up, worn out, or finished! It is truly amazing the endless possibilities that may be worked through us. If only we would try. If only we would believe beyond ourselves.

LORD, may I hear Your voice, listen to You that I might know and believe Your promises and plans for me. And laugh with You for the sheer joy of it!

3 thoughts on “Never Too Old

  1. Your wonderment and sheer joy is contagious, Sherry. I believe the time for you to share your inner thoughts, feelings and knowledge with the world is now. You have a delicate way with words that brings them to life. They are stirring a hope within me that I haven’t felt for a long time. Thank you for your courage and tenacity that led you to invite us to your arbor.


    1. I just hit “send” before editing
      that first part of the reply! 🙃 You are my first person to comment, Steff – again, thank you. I am so thankful the post was an encouragement to you! Praise God!
      Hope this finds you and Marshall well! 💞🥰


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