Behind The Ugly

It’s sad the walls and fortresses
One builds around one’s self
To hide, protect, justify
To keep the peace, so not
To have to open doors
That have been firmly closed
Content without relationship
Than trekking brambled shores
Losing precious fellowship
That still could be restored
If one would take courage

What makes those hurtful attitudes
That somehow seem to say
I know better than you do
Pushes folks away
Then at attempts to reconcile
Forgiveness is not given
Labeled forever ugly
Again, again, again
Though in the first offense
The truth there may have been

Perhaps behind the ugly
Is a shield from being hurt
An effort to defend oneself
From wounds or even worse
The pain of deep rejection
And the conflict of disdain
Perhaps behind the ugly
One battles not again
Just repels the lot
Stays in control
Maybe even wins

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