Heart Talk

Trudging on the road of life 
Occasion brings gifts of surprise
A person with a heart that can
Truly listen, understand

How oft when words are flung out loud
Meaning’s lost in vocal air
Translation haps before the thought
Has fully landed on listener’s ear

To listen well one must set aside
Opinions, preplanned thoughts, retorts
To hear the heartbeat of the talk
To catch the meaning e’re it’s lost

LORD, give me ears to truly hear
What’s being said when someone speaks
Make a way for truth to shine
Bring solace to our hearts and minds

And as we unpack burdens long
Held tightly, stuffed down deep inside
A lightness, spirit freedom comes
Joy begins to magnify

Give us courage, LORD, to share
To rid ourselves of grievous woes
With wisdom bring those hearts who care
To speak new life, new hope to bear

Note: References about listening are from Madeleine L’Engle, Trailing Clouds of Glory, pg. 47:
“We have become over casual in our rituals of greeting and leavetaking, blessing and even reviling. We focus on our own gesture, rather than the need, intent, response of the other . . .
The scribes and Pharisees tended to look at people and see where they ought to be. Jesus looked at people and saw where they were.”

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