Dancing With The Grands

“Mama Mia” blared aloud
As we jigged and jagged about
Sweeping arms and bobbing heads
Moved in rhythm as were led
Laughing right out loud

The child in me was joy in full
Playful happy freely still
Though my aging body looked
Truly weird when I took
A peek at me later dancing on

The mirror on the wall indeed
Was not kind at all to me
Is this what my darlings see
When we’re dancing gleefully?
The picture’s not so pretty

Who cares? It’s fun! I’m dancing still
Who I am inside this body will
Never be an aged thing
But me who’s dancing as with wings
Dancing on and on

8 thoughts on “Dancing With The Grands

  1. Thanks for the great reminder. I could visualize your dancing. Let’s all try to forget the mirror as we age and be grateful for the body we do have. (That response is for ME also.)


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