Becoming Honest

Standing naked, unclothed 
Opening eyes, really looking
My imagination and reality

How do I accept this truth
Of who I think I am
But am not
And live with it
Pull it off
Or let it rule me

Honesty feels scary
The painful excision of shadows
And lies that bind, twist, restrain
Tether me from flying

Yet I think that is who I am
And perhaps it is
My ego, long suffering
Still wanting to reign

So why stay in those chains
When with fearful trembling
I stand miserably revealed
Needing to be cleansed again

In nakedness we were fashioned
For open relation, transparency
Our Maker Creator designing
Honest communication

When e’re that want of hiding
In attention captures me
I know tis time to dive once more
Into Love’s redemption

Honestly stand before my LORD
Accept, confess the reasons
Let Him skim off my molten dross
Be freed to fly again

4 thoughts on “Becoming Honest

    1. Thank you, Rick, for reading this post and commenting. If reflects how I have felt when facing issues or things in me that are not lovely. And the relief that comes once I have faced those things in the light of God’s truth. 💞


  1. Sherry, this caused me to do a little word search on the word “naked” and your thought of being fashioned and before the Lord naked…total honesty…able to hide nothing…Gen. 2:25 …not ashamed…lovely

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