Woven Lives

If we could see from up above
Patterns that our friendships make
Mantilla shawls our twining be
Our woven lives like gauzy lace

Some strands drawn closer tighter here
While others open up the weave
Though near or far all are secure
Make up the pattern one does see

For reasons hidden to the strands
The way of weave unknown to them
Together for some fresh design
Beauty in their friendship stands

And while the woven thing is thrown
O’re shoulders near or far away
The weave holds firm where’re it be
Connected strands tied beautifully

Who knew the strands to be so long
The weaving started years ago
The strands still meshing over time
Friendships strong where’re they go

And as the woven lace grows old
The strands some frayed, grown more soft
The beauty of the lace much more
The value far beyond the cost

The strands remain yet strongly tied
Secure in their relationships
Hearts there warmed and burdens shared
Beneath the weave of living lace

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