Fly Your Kite Right Out The Window

The joys of kite flying are immeasurable! I was reminded of the timelessness of such pursuits recently when our granddaughter rushed outside to launch her first kite of the season. Racing barefoot through the pasture grass, arms held aloft, waiting for the wind to catch the plastic kite just so, she persisted with unfettered expectation that her kite would indeed lift up and suspend in the air for however long. A successful launch ended in a nanosecond, capricious winds swirling and turning, crashing the kite to earth. Over and over again she ran, determined to fly that kite high, to feel the tug of wind through the string, the slender thread that kept it hers, lest it fly away. Her running paused only for the catching of her breath; then on she ran, kite chasing up and down and all around ‘til finally it flew again.

“Hurrah!” we shouted, elated to share in the success, remembering days when our suntanned toes dug into sand and surf, or hilly field, anchoring us firm against the wind that carried our kites aloft. Whether the kite was homemade or store bought, the tail had to be just so for the kite to fly right. The string secure, and long enough, was wound around a toilet paper tube, stick, or special reel that let it unwind as the tethered sail grabbed hold of the gusts and soared. What fun those days were when many kites danced in the sky, colorful ornaments of fluttering butterflies, boxes, dragons and unicorns stretching towards the clouds. Fabulous flying things that took our dreams and imaginations with them high beyond our earthbound plight.

Where are our kites of years ago? Those dreams, imaginations we once held dear? Grown up now let’s dig them out, unwind the string, and let them climb! Even from our rocking chairs, recliners, or cloistered studios, let’s open wide our windows and let them free! Revisit that wonderland, dare to soar again! And perhaps, join our grands and chase the wind with them.

6 thoughts on “Fly Your Kite Right Out The Window

  1. Today in my devotions I read about the provision of God.. And about casting my cares upon him…. And about about eye have not seen , nor ear heard What marvelous things God has for us. Then I read your story about the kite And imagined Writing all my cares on that kite And at 1st having trouble with it lifting off the Earth but then soring up going to the father. Thank you for the word pictures today. I’m so proud of you for writing and sharing each day!


  2. Sorry, I was behind in reading and commenting. Jayden was here for 3 days so my time is devoted to him. I love your writings and the comments as well. Wonderful how God gave us each other to continue our praise of Him together. Who would’ve thought- even a kite!!! Love it and you!


    1. Oh, Sharon! What fun you have had with Jayden! Family always comes first! I was so deliciously tired after a full day with the grands yesterday, try as I might I kept falling asleep writing a new musing. Finally at o’dark thirty, with full assurance it was ok to not post every single day, I crawled into bed. Thank you for joining me when you can. I’ll keep posting when I can!😊 Love you, too!💞


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