Walking Home

I’ve walked the paths of discontent 
Trailed roadways seeking peace
Trudging ever onward on
Wonder where my steps would lead

I’ve held the hands of dying ones
Soothed the brows of fevered heads
Held new hope in my arms
Heartened those where grief has bled

I’ve known the trials and the joys
Of wedded bliss as two are joined
As gears refining, trying to mesh
Personalities, becoming one

I’ve walked the trail of motherhood
Rejoicing times, then deep in prayer
Hoping those four gifted me
Overcome the trials they bear

I’m walking too the Nana glade
Seven loved ones to uphold
Some are close, some far away
Still upheld in prayer each day

All along the timeworn path
Others too have joined this trek
To help and be helped as we go
Walking t’wards what new days beck

It matters no more where I go
For as I walk the path I trod
I’ve learned to walk my hand in His
I’m on my way back home to God

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