A Prayer

How do I pray aright, O LORD
For wounds that run so dark and deep
That long have festered tendrils grown
From childhood yet the scars still weep

Another’s pain I lift to You
The pain of family also torn
Of those who do not want Your help
Oh, God, please help them in Your love

Cradled in my mother’s arms
Tears baptizing awful hurts
I lift with song these burdens, LORD
Grace them with Redemption’s work

4 thoughts on “A Prayer

  1. Beautiful, heart-felt prayer.
    This reminded me of a dream someone told me they had. In the dream she saw an ugly gargoyle type diamond rocking in a chair. On the ground in front of him lay a person with a wound. When the person would try to rise up and move on, the diamond would stop rocking and reach down with a claw and stick it in the wound and stir causing pain and collapse of his victim.
    Praise God for the freeing blood of Jesus!

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    1. Isn’t it a glorious thing that no matter the awful rent torn in one’s life, the healing light and love of Jesus overcomes all forces of spiritual darkness! Praise to our LORD God Most High! 💞🙏


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