The Strife of 2020

Like pustules formed on a porcelain face
Or fissures venting steamy air
Anger stirred, compressed o’re time
Demands its voice is finally heard

It matters not the cause thereof
What’s left behind is all the same
Scars that mar the beautiful scene
Hate spewed out, destruction reigns

As cancer growing deep within
A leperous creeping through our midst
Left unchallenged death destroys
‘Til healing balm is given again

Insidious is that rise to light
As darkness brews and breeds its glee
To harm and main, to kill, destroy
The life that was our sanctuary

For dark cares not for all that’s good
For battles won o’er ills of past
It wants to rule, destroy at last
All righteousness, all in its path

Its goal is ultimate control
Not life and freedom for us all
But slavery to its will and ways
Its fitful efforts to conquer God

Wake up you who wantonly destroy
The good this nation has achieved
Yes, though imperfect that we are
Still freedom reigns where we believe

Bow down just to God Most High
Who gave this earthly treasured globe
For us to learn to live as He
Designed for life and joy and love

Come hither to His waiting arms
Leave hate, and learn of all His ways
For all the strife that mankind knows
Is vanquished in our God of grace

Dwell upon His promises true
No one is mightier than He
Death’s been conquered by our
Not once, but for all eternity

4 thoughts on “The Strife of 2020

  1. Inspiring and comforting. A welcome reminder that no matter the chaos we see all around us, He long ago secured eternal victory.


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