Ode To Lumps, Bumps, and Carbuncles

A lump rose up upon my wrist
Overnight it’s stealth unseen
Surprising me on yester morn
Look! A bump where none had been

A “ganglion cyst” I labeled it
For one had been there years ago
Yet this more grand than the one before
This one spanning wrist to hand

Hey, look at me! it seemed to say
Attention here, if you please
And if not I’ll wend my way
Into your consciousness kindly seize

I’ll creep and curl around your joints
Cause pain to rouse you that I’m here
Restrict the movement of that wrist
Or just lie low, a mounded blur

We’ll wait to see what Doc will do
Poke, deflate me void of shape
Or cast me to carbuncle lot
There unwanted bumps forgot

Til then I’m standing tall and proud
A lump you will not soon dismiss
For after all I’m heralded here
In written word, this lumpy’s bliss

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