Do You Hear Me Now?

Do you hear me now? Are you listening? Listening to me? Or listening to the thoughts that tumble through your mind as words I say birth rising pictures for you to see, think on, to form response to, and answer while my story has continued on?

Oh! I want to be heard! Not just the sounds of my words passing by your ear, checking in and out as through a turnstile. But heard. Understood. “Stood-under” – that you would become a reinforcement, a brace, another soul who walking this oft’ treacherous road could say, “I do hear you. I see what your soul and spirit are trying to say. I see and will try to understand the deeper meanings you are trying to convey. And I like that you have invited me to this place in you. A place of honesty, past the layers of protection and defense, diving for the marrow. Maybe even I will trust you to listen, too. For really in our interchange we are linking arms together to walk this road.”

That’s what I long to do well. Hear those who have turned to hear me. And even more, lift them up by hard-won lessons, insights I have been given. Others who may receive encouragement to keep pressing on even so. Who might benefit from this small offering of my life touching theirs. Really hearing them, who would share themselves with me.

“Holy Spirit enter in, our tuning fork, for only You really know what’s going on deep inside each one of us. Help us put aside ourselves to listen well. Come with us through every day. Be our laughter and our joy, for You are the wellspring of all that is good! Keep us listening especially for when You call . . . ‘Do you hear Me now?’”

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