Keeping Cats Off The Table

“Nana, should we pray?” asked the eight year old grandson. The three P’s were sitting at our counter, come to make reindeer cookies. A snack of apples and peanut butter sat before each of them, taming tummies a must before creative work. “Well, yes, if you would like. Would like to offer the prayer?” “No, you do it, Nana.” So I did. “And keep the cats off the table!” they all sang in unison at the end of the prayer.

Prayer time with these three has always been a little tenuous. Not a practice in their home, I endeavor to love by example. And prayer before meals is a grace toward the LORD I desire to uphold. Keeping the cats off the table has been an ongoing battle at their house, one they are slowly winning. Part of our prayer together reflects the first time I prayed that with them on a particularly annoying cat day. It has been a happy “P.S.” ever since.

Today’s “P.S.” of keeping the cats off the table brought an additional comment: “Well, that hasn’t worked for us.” Interesting. A teachable moment just jumped onto our countertop. I grinned and replied, “Well, God’s not a vending machine.” “A vending machine?” came the query. “You know, a machine you put money into to get something out of. It’s not like God is something magic we can just tell what we want and He produces it. But He is always there to help us through everything, even if we have to keep getting the cats off the table.” That seemed to satisfy the thought for the moment, and on the conversation flowed to how we were going to make cookies.

Enamored with all things Harry Potter, these kids think magic is cool, and that it brings instant results. As I reflect back now on that brief catty moment at our kitchen counter, I thank the LORD for His provision in bringing truth into these precious children’s lives. One more small stone of truth in their foundation, I hope, of lives that will be built upon the Rock of God’s love. Foundation building is a long and tedious process, especially if done well. LORD, may our efforts be proven strong, and would you please keep the cats of deception, untruth and lies off the tables of these precious ones hearts, and those of their parents, as You pour out Your Love. Thank You in the ways we might be a part of that.

The next cat to shoo away: hurtful sibling rivalry. Dear hubby and I reflected on that this morning. How to intervene in more godly ways when the inevitable squabble between children ensues. Another stone to chink in their foundation. Help us, LORD, for the blessing of these precious children. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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