Letting Go

Have I finally let go, Lord? Of those burdens that have weighed me down . . . those worries for loved ones? Things I cannot control, or really have much influence on, other than to love and pray. Have I finally let go, that thing in me clutching to my breast those precious ones growing and now grown?

It’s as though a release has entered in, beyond myself. I believe from You, LORD, for long I have wanted to just “let it go” and still that spirit of worry wrapped it’s tentacles around my heart and mind.

Thank You for that sweet blessing of visiting part of our family yesterday; for laughter, a silly card game with our daughter and two grands while the three men talked, dear hubby, son-in-law, and our son. I have been starved for family time and love, I think. A time to verify all is well indeed with them. A wide, shining ray of Your love and presence with us in just being there, together. Like a wee caged bird, trembling in the loneliness of its isolation, I have been set free as You have opened the cage’s door for me! Thank You, LORD, for this blessed space to fly and breathe! This blessing for today!

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