Just Fiddling Around

Listening to Robert Childs’ story of his love for violin making, his “listening to the wood” as he crafts instruments that sing, reminded me how quickly toe-tapping fiddle playing can lift one’s spirit. Hours of tireless workmanship go into the honing of each specific violin crafted especially for its designated player. Resulting harmony created through individual voices of those instruments brings a glory, light and shine to the music produced. It is fabulous, and one can hardly be downcast for long when fiddlers come to play. Deep connections formed between the Childsplay musicians, playing those beautiful violins, are evident as their music flows in concert.

My father grew up in a music-loving family, many of the siblings playing various band instruments. Envision small town parades and concerts at the park gazebo, young and old participating or watching as music filled the air. Even the wail of a funeral dirge, or the mournful sounds of Taps winging through the breeze lifted one’s spirit to soar with it. Music of the spheres, created to inspire, encourage, bless our souls. In our world weighed with such heaviness these days, music has brought solace to me today.

Longing for more, I turned on one of Cable TV’s Music Choice channels. Soothing instrumental music and lovely pictures brought nonintrusive companionship. Where does the music take you? My soul this eve just needed rest. Mind on overdrive wears one out! There is only so much jabbering, opinions, drama, and action one’s psyche can endure.

Listening, floating on the notes, being lifted away from earthly stuff . . . it is healing to get away! I remember taking time out to just listen to music, long ago when I was much younger. Yes, it is a good and beautiful thing, especially when it brings peace to one’s soul. Au revoir . . . the music’s playing.

Check out Childsplay at https://childsplay.org/

2 thoughts on “Just Fiddling Around

  1. You’ve hit on a “note,” Sherry. I think of King Saul when his soul and mind were so troubled he asked for that shepherd boy, David, to come and play on his lyre for the king. Nothing else could soothe him. Great post. Lord, let us slow down to listen, even to the rain today while the music plays.

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