Music In The Night

Where was it coming from? Lovely instrumental music playing on the wind at 1:30 in the morning as I sat quietly in my office recliner, pausing at the end of day. It was pleasant and winsome, soothing and melodious, and altogether unusual to hear this time of night.

Peeking out the window revealed mist and fog, the rains earlier in the day filling the air with dew droplets just waiting to land on limb, branch, blade, or arbor. Surely the annual State Fair had already left town, though fireworks earlier in the evening heralded a celebration from somewhere. Perhaps there was a connection between the two. It is amazing how clearly sound can travel from miles away. Nevertheless, the music was beautiful, comforting, and a welcome prelude to sleep.

As I readied to retire, the music drifting away, I was encouraged that somewhere out in the great vast world, music, the harmony of the spheres, is playing. It can nurture and fill one’s soul, inspire and uplift, shed a sense of hope across one’s being. I needed that tonight. Thank you, LORD, for that sweet, gentle sound playing softly in the mist.

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