My Mandate

Recently I opened a long held treasure, a companion devotional to that excellent one “God Calling,” messages to Two Listeners that were edited for publication in 1935 by A.J. Russell. This companion devotional, “God At Eventide” was written fifteen years later, messages again received by the Two Listeners. I was overcome with the relevance and timelessness of Christ’s messages to a hurting world in these long esteemed classics of Christian writings. Though the years have gone by, these devotions reflect the words of our LORD that are unchanging, and applicable to every situation and generation. His care, and Love never fail, and as His followers we are to share that love with a confused, fearful, and hurting world.

The title for the January 4 devotion is “Your Mandate.” Needless to say that caught my eye, especially with today’s governmental overuse of the word. How different are the words in this devotional in comparison. Christ comes to us in love, drawing near to listen to our concerns and fears. He encourages us to remember the peace and safety He has supplied in our lives, to share and never forget His gift of Eternal Life, and the cost He bore for us. To remember others who are walking life’s treacherous path, to warn them of pitfalls and dangers we have encountered, to help ease their way. To joy in the glorious beauties of this journey, of creation proclaiming God’s goodness and greatness. And to tell others of the incomparable joy of knowing Jesus personally! “That is your mandate from High Heaven” is the final sentence of that day’s reading. Indeed! By the grace of God, a mandate I trust and will follow!

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